"There are so many ways in which sports shapes and affects our lives or the lives of others.  Rarely do we stop to consider its true impact.  If Not for Athletics brings to light the full breadth of sports' influence and provides great insight into what we'd be missing out on if we did not have athletics. A book that will be enjoyed by every sports fan, coach or athlete but a must-read for anyone that works in sports." 
-Joe Castiglione, Director of Athletics at the University of Oklahoma

"I loved reading If Not For Athletics. Zac did a great job capturing the special nature of athletics. So many think that athletics is "only" about games, but Zac shows us the many great life lessons that people learn from participation in athletics. The book is truly inspiring."
-Mark Murphy, President of the Green Bay Packers

"If Not for Athletics has significant meaning for those of us who have competed in individual and team sports. Those that did will read with understanding! For those that did not, they will enjoy and wish they had."
-Barry Switzer, Former Head Football Coach for the Dallas Cowboys and the University of Oklahoma

If Not for Athletics is not a sports book; rather, it is a collection of entertaining and inspiring stories. Similar to ESPN’s 30 for 30 series,If Not for Athletics isn’t about the sporting event – it’s about the people, the traditions, the cultures, the communities. It’s authentic.”
-Rick Hart, Director of Athletics at SMU

"If Not for Athletics is tremendous at sharing the true life of everyday events working in the profession of Intercollegiate Athletics. This should be a must read for anyone interested in pursuing our profession. It brings out passionate emotions of the day to day experiences you totally can relate to while shaping the lives of our student -athletes educational bond with their University , community, and alumni."
-Kathy Beauregard, Director of Athletics at Western Michigan University

"Often athletics seems to be just about winning and losing, but there is another side to athletics which is often overlooked – the human dimension.  It is this dimension which transcends time, championships, momentary elation or dejection. Athletics teaches many lessons which are transformative and which stay with an athlete for a lifetime. If Not For Athletics contains many stories which exemplify the uplifting influence of athletics."
-Tom Osborne, Former U.S. Senator and Head Football Coach/Athletic Director at the University of Nebraska

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